How to Grow Corn in Containers


Ideally, corn is grown outdoors, in the garden, in the summer, and when it is summer. However, there is another way to grow corn, which in growing it in containers and indoors. Here are some steps you need to follow to grow corn in containers:

Do the Preparation

To begin with, prepare all the things you may need for the gardening. At least, prepare the corn seeds and the containers. The kind of container you may need is washtub or any other plant containers with the same size.

Decide the Right Place to Store the Containers

Second, you also need to find the right place to store the containers. Make sure that you can get a place with the sunniest level, including if the areas are indoors. Find an area with large window, facing the west or south, and under a skylight that is large enough.

Give Additional Light

Corn is a plant that takes as much light as given to it. Therefore, you may need to consider giving additional light to it, especially if you are serious about growing the corn. In supplementing the light, you do not need to have natural light. You can simply to use fluorescent bulbs.

Fill the Container with Soil

Use organic matter and a rich potting mix as well as rich nutrients. In addition, you may consider adding fertilizers according to the instructions on the package.

Start Planting the Seeds

Now, you can start planting the seeds by planting them one by one by taking one inch deep in soil. Make sure you locate the seeds 4 – 5 inches apart from each other.

Water the Seeds

Don’t wait until the top part of the soil dries but don’t add too much water. Make sure you check the soil’s moisture before watering it.

Thin the Plant

Thin to 4 or 5 corn plants in each large container. Pick the strongest plants and pull the others.

Harvest the Corn Right

Harvest it when you plan to eat it. Your corn is ready to be harvested when the juice of the kernel is milky although it is not clear. Some other signs telling you that it is the harvest time of the corn is the existence of brown silk and a green husk.

When you think it is the right time to harvest the corn, snap the corn plant off the stalk using twisting motions and then cook what you just harvested as soon as possible.