How to Grow Cucumbers


Cucumber is considered as a tropical vegetable. This plant is very good to plant during the hot weather and when there is plenty of water around. When you want to grow cucumbers in your garden, you need to make sure that the last frost has gone since this plant is not that good in growing within the cold weather. Here is what you need to know when you want to grow cucumbers.

Cucumber Plants

You can grow cucumbers from two forms, that is, bush and vining. If you want to grow from bush, you need to choose Burpless bush hybrid. This plant can form much compact cucumbers. If you want to grow from vines, they can jumble along the land or maybe climb up any trellises.

If you are looking for more fruits, you can choose the vines cucumber plants since they tend to grow more fruits during the growing season compared to the bush cucumbers.

The bush cucumbers are very suitable for small garden or potted plants. You can add the fruits of the bush cucumbers by planting more crops within 2 weeks apart as the succession.

Keep the Cucumber Plants always Hydrated


To maintain your cucumber plants, you need to make sure that they are always in sufficient moisture especially during the appearance of flowers and fruits. If you fail to provide sufficient water during these two periods, you may cause the water stress to the plants which result to bitter fruits.

In general, cucumber plants need to be watered at least one or two inches every week. The amount of water is also influenced by the weather condition as well as the soil characteristics. You need to make sure that the soil is always moist and if it is dry, you need to water it as soon as possible.

Add Some Mulch on the Cucumber Bed


You can deal with the water by adding some mulch on your cucumber bed. This mulch is very helpful in maintaining and preserving the moisture of the soils. You can add the mulch such as straw during the summer or when the temperature is already more than 70 degrees.

Provide Good Soil and Sunlight


For the best result, you need to grow your cucumbers on the sunny location with well drained, fertile and warm soil. For their ideal growing media, you can use the raised bed. Cucumbers also need to be in the environment with the pH of the soil of 6 or 7. You have to plant cucumbers when the temperature is more than 60 degrees.

Fertilize the Cucumber Plants

Make sure to fertilize the cucumber plants regularly. You can mix the soil with aged manure and compost. When the vines have made the runners and you notice their first flowers, you can add more fertilizer, aged manure, or compost.