How to Grow English Roses


English Roses are the perfect addition to our garden. English Roses are also preferred by many gardeners because they are both soft and romantic. Their cupped blooms are also adorable as they come with many petals and the intoxicating fragrance that can add a perfect vibe to a garden. What’s even more special about growing English Roses, this kind of flowers are easier to grow compared to the traditional tea ones. Here are the things you need to know on how to grow the flowers:

Know Where to Grow the Flowers

The first thing you need to know in growing English Roses is knowing the right places to grow them. Most of English roses flowers could grow well in zones 5 up to 9 although few of them can grow well in zone 4.

Apart from knowing the right zone to plant, you also need to know the right season to plant the flowers. You need to plant the flowers in the early spring or the fall. Actually, you can plant the flowers anytime in the year. Just make sure that the months in which you plant the flowers are the hottest months.

Water the English Roses

Next up, you also need to understand how you are supposed to water the flowers. The roses that are newly planted will need to be moist in the first season. Therefore, those flowers need watering every other day. Once the flowers are established, you need to maintain the regular and moderate watering schedule so that the flowers’ climate can work well.

Fertilize the Flowers

In addition to watering the flowers, you also need to fertilize the flowers. Fertilize your English flowers with any fertilizer for rose only once in the beginning of the planting season. You also need to fertilize your English roses again once you see the flowers’ first bloom flush. Fertilizing the flowers in this period could stimulate the flowers to repeat the flowering in all summer season.

Prune the Roses

There is no secret of pruning English roses. The one and only thing you need to make sure is that you need to shape the flowers in the early period of spring. If you wish your roses to have larger but fewer flowers with smaller plant, you need to prune the plant back farther.

On the contrary, if you like larger plant for a landscape with more but smaller flowers, you need to prune the roses off the damaged tips. Either way, you must prune the off dead blooms every time you reach the fall season. That’s the entire thing you need to remember in pruning your English roses.

Cutting the Flowers

Last but not least, understand how to cut the flowers. Such flowers could be problematic when it is being cut. However, you couldn’t help but cut the flower and put it in your vase. Some varieties of English roses have quite short stems that make them distinctive from tea roses.

Meanwhile, some English roses come with delicate petals falling off when they are touched as they keep aging. Regardless of the types of the roses, all varieties could be cut though. However, the flowers are worth the trouble although they just last in a few days. Make sure you cut the flowers in the late stage of bud with long stem to make sure it has the best life.