How to Grow Garlic in Containers


Growing garlic can be an ideal gardening project for newbie gardeners. Growing this plant is not difficult although there are some important points you need to always remember so that the harvest can be great. Here we present you the guides of growing garlic in containers. Yes, in containers!

Get Garlic Bulbs that are Suitable for Growing

First of all, you need to find this from a neighbor’s garden or a plant nursery. Those garlic bulb’s parts are also called “garlic cloves”. The entire garlic is in inside the bulb.

Prepare the Soil

Next, prepare the soil. To do it, you need to mix gardening sand with potting soil. Make sure that you can get a mixture composition of 3 to 1 ratio of the soil to the sand. Once the soil is ready, fill the containers with the soil you prepared earlier. In this step, make sure to leave one inch of the container space from its top.

Separate the Garlic Cloves

After that, grab the garlic bulbs and try separating the garlic’s cloves. To do it, make sure you hold those cloves with the bottom or the flat end facing down while the pointed one facing up.

Plant the Garlic

Get each clove at one time and then push it four to six inches into the soil. Make sure there is one inch of soil existing between the clove’s top and the soil’s top.

Another important thing to remember in this step is to make sure that you need to plant the cloves of the garlic four inches or 10 cm away from one clove to another. Such planting way will give the cloves enough space to grow properly.

Put the Pot in the Right Place

Finally, put the pot of the garlics in the right place so that the garlic can get around eight hours of direct sunlight every day.

Don’t keep the pot in an area in your home with lack of sunlight because the garlic cannot grow optimally. One great place to keep the pot is in the kitchen, on the windowsill. You can simply explore the area in your home to find out the best place to store the pot.

So, isn’t it easy to grow garlic in containers? The difficult part may be just finding the right place to store the pot so that it can get enough direct sunlight. Apart from that, the steps of growing the garlic is not that complicated.