How to Grow Ginger in a Pot


Ginger is a super healthy herb and widely used as medicine. It is very rich in nutrients that are very good for your body and your health. Not only used as a medicine, but ginger can also be used in different kind of dishes based on your own recipes. Ginger is usually found in the grocery stores, but you can also grow it in your garden. It is not that hard to grow ginger, even in a pot. Planting ginger in your home will be very beneficial since you will have an endless supply of ginger.

Step 1. Choosing the Ginger to Plant

The first important thing to do is to choose the ginger you want to plant. You can use the ginger you already own, or you can buy it at the grocery store. If you plan to buy the ginger, you need to make sure that the ginger is fresh with tight skin and it has plump rhizomes.

If you want the ginger to grow faster, you can choose the one with growth buds. The growth buds here enable you to plant the ginger in several pots by cutting it into sections. By doing so, you will have several individual plants. Before you plant the ginger in the pot or container, you need to soak the ginger in awarm water overnight.

Step 2. Choosing the Pot or Container and Soil

The pot or the container holds the key to grow ginger. It is because the ginger grows horizontally so you need to prepare the wider and flat pot or container. Choose the medium pot with at least 12 inches deep to allow the roots to grow.

You also need to make sure that the pot or the container has drainage holes to allow the soil to breathe and the water can flow easily. Fill the pot or the container with rich soil that can drain easily. You can mix the soil with good compost to give nutrients to the plant.

Step 3. Taking Care of the Ginger

Ginger needs sufficient sunlight to grow, but not under the direct sun. You can place the ginger indoor to avoid direct sunlight and wind. Water the ginger regularly with spray to avoid the soil getting soggy since the nutrient of the soil will drain.

You need to make sure that the soil is not dry out. If the weather starts to cool down, you need to dry out the soil to encourage the new rhizomes to grow. You can also add extra fertilizer to the plant when the soil is not that good. But if it is good enough, extra fertilizer is not needed.

Step 4. Harvesting Ginger

The ginger will be ready to harvest after eight to ten month after you plant it. The most obvious sign that it is ready to harvest is when the leaves have become yellow.

To harvest it, you just need to dig the soil and trim the rhizomes a little. You can consume the ginger after you clean it, or you can plant it again.