How to Grow Gingers Indoors


Ginger is pungent, aromatic, and spicy. Ginger is perfect for candies, baked goods, and many Asian dishes, while it is also a healthy medicinal herb. That’s why, having this plant in our home is necessary so we don’t need to go to market just to buy ginger. Here we have some ways to grow gingers indoors for you:

Use Store-Bought Ginger Root

When you buy store-bough ginger root, make sure you purchase the ones that are plump and organic. The best bet you can make is ginger roots that come with some eye buds. Those buds are the ones like potato eyes or little horns. Those buds are usually slightly green.

The reasons to why you need to buy such ginger roots are because the ones sold in the grocery stores are often sprayed with some chemicals such as pesticides, growth inhibitor, or fungicides. You can still get rid of those chemicals though.

What you need to do is soaking the ginger roots overnight in a container with full of warm water. After this step, you can go straight to plant the roots.

Plant Ginger Roots in a Container

Cut the ginger’s rhizome or root into some smaller pieces. Each of the pieces must have a growing bud on it and thus plant it. To get good harvest, ensure that you use very good soil and also a good potting mix.

Those two things must be rich enough so that they can feed the gingers. Besides, those two things should also be free draining but they have to hold moisture.  The kind of container you should choose is wide and large ones, depending on how many ginger roots you want to plant.

One more important thing is making sure the eye buds are planted facing up!

Keep Your Pots in the Right Place

Last tip for growing gingers indoors is making sure that you keep your pots in a warm area and that you maintain the soil to be moist. Ensure that the pots don’t get too much sunlight, especially the bright one. Remember that growing ginger plant is slow.

Every ginger root you’ve planted will finally grow few leaves at one spot. After some weeks, you will be able to see some shoots popping out from the soil. Don’t forget to regularly water the plant.

Growing ginger indoor is not difficult as long as you know the tips. Don’t forget to always keep those three things in mind when you are planting ginger indoor so that you can get the best harvest. Happy gardening!