How to Grow Kiwi in a Pot


Gardening is an interesting hobby to do since you can plant almost everything, including fruits. Some fruits might be hard to grow for the beginners, but kiwi can be the alternative since it is pretty easy to do. You can also grow your own kiwi in the pot from the seeds!

Choosing the Seeds

You can grow kiwi both from the seeds and from the plant, but growing it from the plant has more success rate than from the seeds. If you want to plant from the seeds, make sure that the kiwi can adapt well to the environment in your area. It is better if you can buy the seeds from the gardening store near you.

You also need to make sure that you have both male and female seeds to ensure the kiwi to bear the fruit. Plant each of the seed in a pot or separate pots, but make sure that space is about 20 feet to make the female plant get the good pollination.

Choosing the Best Site

Choosing the best site to grow the kiwi is very necessary since kiwi needs a good sunlight to survive. You also need to avoid placing the kiwi in the site that will frost in the late spring to avoid the plant getting damaged.

But, you need to make sure the kiwi is placed in a shady place if your area has a hotter climate. If you live in a cooler climate, you can plant hardy kiwi since it can adapt well to the weather.

Preparing the Trellis

Even though you plant kiwi in a pot, it doesn’t guarantee your plant won’t grow bigger. The kiwi vines will take lots of space in the pot and you need to use a trellis to prevent it to happen. You can buy the trellis or you can make it yourself using woods and chicken wire.

You need to make sure that the trellis is strong enough to support the kiwi since it can grow up to 40 feet tall. Once the vines are long enough, you can train them to climb up the trellis.

Taking Care of the Kiwi

If you want the kiwi to grow better and produce more fruit, you need to prune the plant regularly. But, you need to avoid a certain season, such as spring, since the plant will be very vulnerable to disease. You need to prune the plant when it is dormant in the winter and in the summer.

Make sure you remove dead branches and unnecessary long vines that won’t produce the fruit. You can also trim the vines that grow outside the trellis and for the male plant, you just need to maintain the vines with flowers.

Growing kiwi in a pot is pretty easy, but first, you need to make sure that you choose the best variety kiwi to plant. It is because there are varieties of kiwi and not all of them will be suitable to plant in your area. Then, you need to take care of it to fasten the harvest.