How to Grow Papaya Tree


Growing papaya tree is a perfect idea for gardeners who favor easy-to-grow fruit trees. If you wonder why, it is because papaya tree only needs simple care, low productive and low maintenance. Here is the summary of how to grow papaya tree for you:

Growing Papaya in a Pot

While growing papaya itself is simple, growing it in a pot is also not difficult because papaya is a small tree that is short living. Even more, you can grow any varieties of papaya in a pot. However, it will be way better if you grow the dwarf one.

If you plan to plant papaya tree in a pot, the first thing you need to prepare is the container. The kind of container you will need is the one with the size of 15 – 20 gallon size. Container with such size is needed to provide papaya plant enough drainage holes at the container’s bottom before the papaya is planted. A container with the diameter of 18 – 22 inches and the depth of 12 – 15 inches will be sufficient.

Next, another thing to bear in mind when growing papaya in a pot is to directly sow the papaya seeds in your pot. Why so? It is because papaya cannot transplant well. In addition to a pot with the right size, you will also need other growing equipment namely temperature, location, spacing, watering, and soil. Make sure all of those components are in moderate amount to get the best papaya fruits later.

Growing Papayas from the Seeds

The seeds of papaya you will plant should be treated well before it is sowed for germination. The very first step to do is simply washing the papaya seeds to let go all the coating before they are sown.

Then immerse the seeds in a container containing full of neutral water for about four days. Make sure you change the water in the container every two days. After two days, separate the floating papaya seeds on the surface from the ones settling down.

Keep the seeds on a cotton clot for about two until three days and after two days, sow them. The seeds will germinate in about two until three weeks. To get the best germination, keep the seeds in the temperature of 70 F or 20 C.

Growing Papaya in Cold Climate

If you want to plant papaya in cold climate, make sure you plant it in large pots and overwinter the papaya in well-protected areas such greenhouses. Another method to plant it in cold climate is by starting the seeds in the season of fall or in the beginning of spring indoors. The papaya tree grows until frost comes and it may get killed although you still get the possibility of getting juicy papayas.

Growing papaya is actually easy although there are some notes you need to always bear in mind. Yet, if you are still beginner in planting fruit trees, papaya can suit you well. Just make sure you follow the do’s and don’ts above.