How to Grow Rambutan Fruit


If you want to grow rambutan, you can easily grow them now. It will happen to live in the area where there are exotic fruits to grow, you must know rambutran fruits very well. This fruit is basically considered to be high prized fruits in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Indian. The fruits just like hairy or spiky lychee fruits.

Growing Rambutan

As mentioned previously, rambutan is like the lychee fruits but it is more spiky or hairy. The taste is somewhat sour and sweet. The fruit itself is oval and only consists of one seed. The skin of rambutan or the outer part of the fruit is reddish or orange with some fat spines. What great about rambutan is that you can consume the seed and all of its part. If you are interested in growing this exotic fruit, you can learn how to do it.

The Climate

One consideration when you want to grow the rambutan tree is that you need to be living in the semi tropical or tropical areas. For your information, rambutan trees really enjoy warm weather. The weather below 10 degree Celsius or 50 degree Fahrenheit will definitely kill them. So, by saying that, it seems that only some areas in America can grow the trees well like some areas of California and also Florida.

However, if you happen to have a greenhouse in your garden, it is not that bad to try planting the rambutan trees inside your greenhouse.

Growing Tips

If you want to grow rambutan trees, make sure that you have to always be prepared to protect them from any temperature drop. You also need to know that these trees enjoy the moist environment. The main keys to grow the rambutan are proper temperature and humidity.

You can start growing rambutan from seedling. You can find some seedlings from your local nursery if they have them. In general, if you have access to the fruit, you can collect the seeds from the tree directly. You need to find some fresh seeds, within one week old and they are also viable. Then, you need to clean the pulp from the seed.

Prepare some small pots with some drainage holes. Then, fill them all with the mixture of organic soils, organic composts and sand. Place the seeds in the mixture and then cover it with some soil. In general, it takes about 21 days for the seeds to grow.

In general, you need to spend at least two years to have your rambutan trees to be big enough to plant them outdoor. Since the tree is still fragile, it is better to transfer them to bigger pots rather than planting them on the ground. Make sure to plant them in the ceramic pot with the mixture of peat, vermiculate, and sand for better drainage system.

Tree Care

You need to fertilize your rambutan tree regularly. Make sure to keep the tree in the area with the temperature of 80 degree Fahrenheit. You need to keep the tree in the sun for about 13 hours per day. Although rambutan tree needs lots of time to grow, it is still worth the attempt. Within five years, you will be rewarded with its delicious fruits.