How to Grow Spinach in Pots


Spinach is considered to be an easy vegetable to plant. It is also perfect to be planted in the pots or containers due to its compact size. There are two kinds of spinach that you need to know, that is, summer and winter spinach. Although they are easy to grow, you need to pay attention to any problems such as bolting, blight, and downy mildew.

Potting Soil

When you want to plant spinach in the pots or containers, you need to pay attention to the potting soil. Since spinach requires sufficient nutrients, you may want to add some mixed soil rich in the nutrients and fertilizers.

Besides the soil, you also need to mind the drainage. You can add some small rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the pots or containers. Above this tiny layers of small rocks or pebbles, you can add thin layer of perlite or grit.

If you want to prepare your own pots or containers, you may want to mix your own potting soil by adding 1/3 manure or compost, 1/3 material to hold water (vermiculite, peat, coir, etc), and 1/3 material for the drainage.

Sowing and Planting

If you use the summer spinach, it is better to sow the seeds from March and continue until May. You can harvest the plants until October. If you use the winter spinach, you need to sow the seeds in August. You need to grow them until November. You can keep on harvesting the plants up to March.

Growing the Plants

If you plant the summer and spring spinach, you may want to keep them away from direct sun. The leaves tend to be bolting if they are exposed to direct sun for long period of time. Therefore, you can cover them among the other pots.

If you plant the winter spinach, you can expose your containers or pots with more sun. You have to water your spinach regularly. Make sure that the soil is always moist in the summer. If you let the soil dry, your spinach may become bolting and growing really poorly.

Harvesting the Spinach

You can harvest spinach in two ways. First, you can choose the cut-and-come again technique or you can just let your spinach leaves grow bushier and take the older leaves for the cooking.

If you choose the cut-and-come-again technique, you can harvest the leaves from the outside. You can keep the leaves for the whole spring and summer seasons. Make sure to use only 1/3 part of the leaves during the winter.