How to Grow Vegetables Using Hydroponics


If you want to start growing vegetables with hydroponics, there are several steps that you can follow. These steps are very simple and easy to do. The growing of vegetables with hydroponic system may result in tastier more nutritional since you are able to monitor nutrients coming into your vegetables and they will also less polluted.

Step 1. Supplies

  • Opaque containers
  • Rockwool growcube
  • Mesh pots
  • Aquarium air pump
  • Air stones’
  • Growing solution
  • Syringe
  • Pencil
  • Razor knife
  • Compass

Step 2. Making the Home for the Pots

You need to arrange your pots upside down onto the container lid top. Then, trace all the pots using the pencil to avoid any overlapping lines. Take a compass and set some radius for the pot base. Trace the center of this circle and make bigger circle that the previous ones.

Cut all small circles so that the pot base can be inserted perfecly into the bigger circles. It is to make that the larger circle can hold the pot perfectly.

Step 3. Initial Filling

after the container is ready, you may want to fill them with water. You can fill them with water and add only a tablespoon of chlorine bleach. It is to kill all insects or bacteria or other small creatures inside the container.

You may want to do aeration so that you can mix your water solution. You may also want to place the pots into the containers. After 30 minutes, you can dry all the water so that all chlorine will go away.

Step 4. Preparing Plants and Prepping the Planting Medium

If you don’t want to start from seeds, you can buy readily plants from your local nursery. You can start growing herbs for your hydroponic garden. Then, you can start preparing the planting medium.

You can use the rockwool which is made of the fiberglass. You need to wear the dust mask to deal with it. Fill in the pot with the rockwool and water. Make sure that the medium is soaked in water and then plant the herbs.

Step 5. Plants Maintenance

For the hydroponic system, you need to regularly replace the nutrient solution for about once in twro weeks. If you don’t replace the water solution, it may become very toxic to your plants.

Once your plants are exposed to toxic, they may have problem with their growth. The worse case is that your plants may die.

If you have large hydroponic system, you may not need to do it since the large hydroponic system may have completed with the sufficient water filter and also methods to get rid of the toxic released by the plants.