How to Keep Your Hydroponic Reservoir Cool


One of the problems in hydroponic gardening is keeping the hydroponic reservoir cool. If it’s too hot, it won’t hold oxygen needed for the root system of the hydroponic plants. This unhealthy root system when combined with high temperature can result in a good environment for pathogens and disease to grow. So, how to keep it cool? Here are some ideas for you:

Buy a Reservoir Chiller

As you need to keep your hydroponic reservoir cool, you need to purchase a chiller for it. This is the simplest thing you can do. Such water chillers can run any nutrient solution thru a chilled coil that lowers the solution temperature.

This way to keep the reservoir cool is deemed more accurate at maintain the nutrient solution in a fixed temperature. Such chillers usually range in prices because larger hydroponic reservoirs surely need chillers that are more powerful.

Shade the Reservoir

Another way to keep the reservoir cool is by shading the reservoir. You can do this by building a cover or a box for your hydroponic reservoir so that you can help the reservoir cool down its temperature of the hydroponic nutrient solution. Employing a shade cloth isn’t a great idea for the reservoir as well as for the plants, especially those that cannot do well in too much heat or sunlight.

Add Ice to the Reservoir

Here comes another way to keep it cool: adding ice to the reservoir. It is also an easy way to defeat the heat. To add ice to your reservoir, you simply need to fill up a container with water and then place it in your freezer.

After that, add the frozen water to the reservoir. Make sure that you don’t cool down or change the temperature of your reservoir too quickly. If what you have is small systems, you better use some water bottles. If the reservoir is large, you can use jugs.

Change the Color of the Reservoir

Last but not least, you can also keep the reservoir cool by changing its color. Change the dark color of your reservoir so that you can control the temperature of the hydroponic solution. Bright color is able to deflect the heat away from your reservoir. Another alternative to painting the reservoir is by wrapping it in a metallic thing like mylar or foil.

So, which ways of cooling down reservoir will you try first? Choose the one that is the most practical to you. Happy gardening!