How to Make DIY Garden Art Allium Flowers


Allium flowers bloom first in the spring when others aren’t blooming yet. These giant flowers are loved by the bees for the nectar, and it looks like a pretty globe. You can have this flower all seasons by making the art flowers. Here is how to make it before adding it to your garden.


It is highly suggested to use only used supplies for this project. It keeps the project cheaper while it also gives old junks a new life at the same time. We are going to need:

1 softball with 3.8 inch diameter, or 12 inch circumference, don’t use hard ball

120 flat head nails, around 3-4 inches tall

Spray paint in any color you like

Cardboard box

1/8 inch drill bit

Cordless drill

1 3 feet metal threaded rod with 1/8 inch diameter, slender stem rebar is also great

Clothes protection, goggles, and safety gloves


Step 1. You can start with spraying paint on the metal rod if you want it to be in other color.

Step 2. Let’s test the softball. Take the drill and make a hole on the ball. Use the 1/8 drill bit, or even smaller if you want to. When you are done making the hole, take one nail and fit it in. Insert the nail for about an inch deep. See if it fits well. Change into smaller drill bit if it is still loose.

Step 3. Mark the ball with even space. You are going to drill the rests of the nail into it. When you are done marking, drill them well. Make sure to drill the nails in 90° angle.

Step 4. Now, let’s fit in the metal rod into the ball. You are going to need a slightly larger hole. However, make sure not to overdo it, because the metal rod won’t stay snugly. Once you fit in the metal rod, make sure to leave it and never to remove it again.

Step 5. Insert the entire nails in the drilled holes.

Step 6. Take the art allium into the cardboard box and cover the stem if you don’t want the previous color to change. Spray the flower head with paint and wait until the paint is dry.

Step 7. Display them in your garden. Near the bushes is the best spot.