How to Start Hydroponic Gardening as a Beginner


Hydroponic gardening offers the same excitement comparing to traditional gathering. However, it can be a little tricky for a beginner. First, you need to decided on a system and there are three systems that are recommended for beginner. Second, you should decide on what plants to plant. Then, you can continue on the next steps. Check out the following guide to make a good start.

  1. Decide on System

There are four most popular systems that are highly recommended for beginners. Your options include the Wick System, Deep Water Culture, Top Drip System, and Ebb and Flow System. Each system has its own strength and weakness. Depending on your situation, each system should be helpful in maintenance and care for the plants. Ebb and Flow is the classic while Top Drip is the most common. Deep Water Culture will make the most economical while Wick System is the simplest one.

  1. Select Your Plants

Several plants are ideal for beginners. You should consider planting hot peppers, strawberries, or tomatoes. For herbs, you can plant mint, cilantro, oregano, parsley, or basil. As for greens, you should plant kale, Swiss chard, spinach, or lettuce. They are easy to grow, and they require minimal maintenance. In addition to it, they need smaller variety of nutrients which make things easier.

  1. Set Your Lighting

If you plan to grow indoor hydroponic garden, it is recommended for you to buy all components of the starter kits. You are going to need them all to match the ballast to bulb and lamp wattage.

  1. Consider Nutrients for Plants

Many experts believe that the yield and growth rate of hydroponic grown plants lies on direct water and oxygen surplus due to the systems. However, these plants are lack of nutrients normally acquired from soil. The solution is fish emulation fertilizer. Among several choices, many hydroponic gardeners like to use Grow Big 521.

  1. Pick Your Medium

For beginners, there are two best medium to consider. Coconut Coir is a medium made of coconut husks. It is a great match to almost all systems except for Ebb and Flow system. LECA, on the other hand, stands for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. As suggested from its name, it is made of high heated clay balls. This medium is a good match for all systems without exception.

Hydroponic garden is very popular due to its pesticide and water conserving properties. You can join the trend and apply those guides above to start. Do it right and you will have a perfect hydroponic garden in no time.