How to Start Your First Garden


Excited for the very first garden? Good. Keep the excitement until the end. What the newbie gardeners are about to learn might seem too much in the beginning. Later as they repeat the cycle, gardening is much more easier. Take notes on the tips that ate going to be presented.

Do Some Research

The first 101 information about plant is it grows on specific weather and conditions. Therefore, it would be a careless move to pick the plants only from the “pretty” judgment. In the end, this gardener might spend more money than intended. Why? It is because the plants died even before the blooming season.

Research about plants includes several important things. First, what kind of plants grow well in the area? Then, match the information with the planting period. Don’t forget to find the nurturing steps, which should list the watering, soil type, fertilizer and pruning. Also, pick one setting to grow the plants: garden bed, container garden, foot garden or pots?

Prepare the Supplies

Now that the plants have been decided, next step is preparing all the tools. It also requires some research by the gardeners. This time, the choice should fall on both functional and affordable items. It is always good to have best quality gardening product, but packing complete set is much more important for the beginners.

There is one trick to get all the supplies without spending too much. Wait for the sale weeks of the shop. If the gardeners are not sure of which items to purchase, simply ask the local nurseries! Sometimes they give even better recommendation than the internet.

Make Adjustments

Once the seeds start to bloom, the gardener will realize that certain plant should be moved to the new spot. It might be too outstanding in the corner, so the plants must be moved to the front line. Some green and tall plants, for example, should be tidied up. Otherwise, the smaller plants will be covered in shade and get less sun.

The gardeners will eventually get a grip on what to do and how to put things together. Since the garden is the first project, it is totally okay to make mistakes. Just keep in mind that the garden should be improved regularly until the gardeners meet their own expectation.

Plant More

If the first bloom makes the gardeners happy, then it is a good sign to continue with the projects. The bright smile and satisfaction of the gardeners show that they enjoy the whole process. They will no longer whining about the seed planting, fertilizing or watering. The process is a natural air to breathe. So, why don’t plant more? The gardeners must be curious about many more plants.

When people finally make a commitment to do something, the next thing to worry is how to begin. If it takes big courage to decide that the person wants a garden, then it requires patience and effort to make the dreams come true. After all, gardening is not only about planting, but also caring.