Hydroponics Fertilizing: The Ultimate Guide on How to Fertilize Your Hydroponic Garden


It is true that nature has great influence on the soil gardening. Most of the soil used for the gardening already contain nutrients which help the plants grow. It will be the other way around if you have the hydroponic gardening.

You need to be in control in terms of the nature providing nutrients for your plants. It may sometimes require you to make some adjustments on the amount of nutrients and the nutrients quality given to your plants.

Homemade Hydroponic Fertilizer

There is a common fertilizer in the hydroponic gardening, that is, the homemade fertilizer made of fertilizer salts. You can purchase the fertilizer salts from your local gardening shops or from your chemical suppliers.

The problem with this salt is that you need to purchase in large quantity. If you grow a large hydroponic garden, it will not be a problem for you. However, it is worth to use the fertilizer salts for your hydroponic garden.

Some salts are better than the others. Why? Salt is very good as the natural fertilizer. It contains several superior benefits such as better stability, storage life, cost, and also solubility. Potassium chloride is better than potassium sulphate.

However, you can’t use the potassium chloride for more than few days since the chlorine solution mixed in the water may harm your plants. Magnesium nitrate may also become the other option of magnesium sulphate but it is not effective to do since the cost is very expensive.

Trace Elements and Key Nutrients

There are three main elements that you need to prepare when growing plants, that is, potassium (K), phosphorus (P), and nitrogen (N). Furthermore, there are at least 10 trace elements that you need to have in your plants’ nutrients.

They are molybdenum, chlorine, calcium, magnesium, boron, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and sulphur. They all have their own functions for the healthy grow of your plants.

There are many nutrients formulas that you can choose from. Try to choose the best formula which offers all the 10 elements mentioned previously.

You may want to ask for some gardeners on which formula is recommended for the hydroponic gardening as they have already dealt with several formula to grow their plants.

Water Supply

After figuring out the best nutrients formula for your hydroponic plants, you also need to consider your hydroponic water supply. To have the best result in hydroponics, the water which comes from the water softener is not allowed to use since it will contain too much alkaline.

You can use water from rain or distiller for your hydroponic gardening. The water choice is also important to the trace elements. Therefore, you need to choose the proper water so that the trace elements can meet the plants.