Indoor Gardening Projects


Gardening is not merely about planting and growing plants outside. You can even do gardening inside your home. What you need is simply some indoor gardening projects ideas as your reference. You don’t have any? Here we come with some ideas of gardening projects that can be done inside your lovely home:

Use Some Eggshells

Don’t throw away eggshells after cooking the egg! Eggshells can make good planters. This idea comes from “The Kitchn”. You can use eggshells to plant some succulents. Look at the following picture!

This indoor gardening project is so cute and simple. This project is a really organic gardening project that is great for your kitchen. This project also suits best the ones who love to cook and to do indoor gardening. Apart from succulent, you can even plant some sprouts with eggshells.

To arrange the eggshells and prevent them from falling down to floor, you can put the eggshells on the egg organizers like shown in the picture. Eggshells can be so versatile, cant it?

Plant Green Onions!

Doing indoor gardening can serve you at least two things: providing you with plants you often need for cooking or eating or drinking, and giving a certain room in your home additional decoration. Look at how ‘Holiday Sparkle’ invented the idea of indoor gardening.

They plant green onions indoors using simple ceramic planter. The green onion looks really cute and it can decorate your kitchen. Anytime you need it, cut it and use it for cooking. What is so great about this project is the more you cut the green onions, the more they grow!

Another Onion to Grow

If you are lucky enough to have bigger household, you can do the following indoor gardening project from ‘Auntie Dogmas Garden Spot’. This gardening project is both creative and useful. This project involves vertical planter.

Do you know what the vertical planter comes from? A pop bottle! If you happen to have unused pop bottles, use them to make vertical planter like this project! You don’t need to throw them away as you can make them planters for your indoor gardening projects.

Indoor gardening projects are just like the outdoor ones, meaning that the ideas for doing it are a lot. What is great from indoor gardening is that it can also decorate your room if you are able to plant and grow certain indoor plants. Happy gardening!