Magical Mermaid Gardens You Can Make in an Afternoon


Mermaid garden seems to be a whole new take on fairy-themed gardens. Both fairy garden and mermaid one are both cute and magical. Building your own magical mermaid garden is also not time consuming. Here are some ideas to build the garden in one afternoon only:

Broken Pot Mermaid Garden

Broken pot doesn’t equals useless thing. So, when you happen to break a pot, don’t throw it away! You can use the broken pot to build your fairy garden! Yes, you are right! A fairy garden built inside the broken pot.

What you need to do to build the mermaid garden with a broken pot is layering it with two more pots inside and then fill the pots with some succulents and also shells. After that, you can add the mermaid, the dolphin friends, and the mermaid’s treasure chest.

Play with the color and play with the decorative items to turn the broken pot into an aesthetic mermaid garden.

Mermaid Party in a Planter

Are you bored of using pot or other common garden containers to build a garden? Well, you need to try this mermaid party in a planter. This is not so much like a mermaid garden. It is more of a mermaid party.

In this mermaid garden idea, you can choose to use real or artificial succulents and or plants. Either way, make sure you fill the planter with full of knicks knacks and treasure for the mermaids to have a chit chat about!

Turquoise Sea Glass Succulent Mermaid Garden

If you don’t really into the previous two ideas of magical mermaid gardens, you may like this one. This mermaid garden beautifully comes in pretty turquoise glass. Look at how the turquoise color mingles with other colors from the succulents and the decorative items for the garden! Aren’t they in a good harmony?

You too can make such succulent mermaid garden. You need to play with your creativity to mix the succulents and also mix the artificial plants for aquarium.  Play with different colors, different textures, different kinds, and different varieties.

Mix and match every color and the item to create such pretty and magical succulent mermaid garden. One more thing: get a container whose color suits the overall theme color of the garden.

So, are you ready to make your own magical mermaid gardens? To build this garden, you can combine the real succulents with the artificial ones. However, if you want to keep the garden all fresh, you can always go with fresh succulents and plants. You choose!