Mountain Laurel Care: How to Grow Beautiful Shade Loving Kalmia latifolia


When planning to have a garden, people usually bring in the image of colorful flowers. It would be very nice to see them under the sun, especially in summer. The pretty loving kalmia, however, cannot stand the heat and must stay under the shade. What else should a gardener knows before planting kalmia?

Find the Perfect Area

The most important thing about kalmia is no excessive exposure to the heat. Otherwise, the bulb or the plants die. This flower will bloom well on the shady area. Some gardeners who plan to grow lots of mountain laurel usually pick the part shade area. It refers to an area with half shade and half sun.

Those who happen to find them in the mountain wild will see that this flower could grow into a huge bush. Unfortunately, the ones in the garden cannot match the size. Keep in mind to give plenty of room for kalmia to grow, as it might hit the fast pace growing phase.

Do the Pruning

As the beautiful flower is mentioned to be able to grow tall and big, the gardener should have expected the pruning care. It is an attempt to get tidy shape of the bush by cutting the extra twigs. The process might seem easy, but the timing should be perfect. Cutting the twigs at the wrong time might stop the flowers to bloom.

Mountain Laurel don’t need intensive pruning. It tends to grow prettily and neatly. Even so, pruning should be done right after the blossoms have faded. Being late for weeks will cut the small buds for next year’s bloom.

Put the Fertilizer

Another item that should not be forgotten is the fertilizer. It helps to provide additional nutrients that might not be found in the soil. Therefore, fertilizer should be mixed to the ground regularly. Mountain Laurel, especially, absorbs the acid fertilizer well.

Check the fertilizer package before pouring certain amount on the soil. Some brands have mixed composition, meaning that the acidity is not too high. The others, however, are too strong for a direct application. For the last option, mix a quarter cup of it with three quarter part soil. If the gardener forgets to do so, the roots will die from the fertilizer heat.

Check the Look

How the gardeners know that the Mountain Laurel grow nicely? It is simple: check the flowers. The blooming represents the care and nutrition of the soil. The perfect flowers are the combination of white, pink and red blossom. The best timing to plant the bulb is after autumn ends, so the blossoms will show itself around late spring or in the middle of summer.

If the soil has less nutrition, the bloom will grow small. There might be some chappy ends on the petal. On the contrary, the ideal fertilizer portion will make a perfect flower, both the color and the shape.

It is common to find big trees near the backyard in the suburb area. The setting adds cozy atmosphere and cool breeze to the house. Instead of enjoying the green only view, the house owner could always try to add some colors into it. Why don’t try the loving kalmia?