Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bugs in Your Garden


Whether you have small or large organic garden around your house, you will find common problem that is being shared by all farmers in the world: BUGS. You need to understand that some bugs need to stay in your garden, while other bugs need to go away from your garden. If you want to get rid of the disadvantaged bugs, you have to do it naturally. How to do so?

Repellents and Barriers

These two methods, repellents and barriers, are very useful in keeping the bugs away from your garden. They can function as a wall which prevents the crawling bugs reaching your vegetables or homes.

One example is by growing the carrots inside the roll’s of toilet paper, it can be very effective to prevent any cutworms getting into your carrots.

If you haven’t known before, some plants also act as living barriers for the insects such as pennyroyal, spearmint, and peppermint. These three plants are very good in deterring the ants and aphids.

You can grow these plants around your garden so that the pests can be away from your garden. You may also simmer the cedar twigs into water. After the water is cooled down, you can pour it into your plants. This is the natural way in getting rid of corn earworms, cutworms, and another insects.

Traps and Lures

You can prepare some traps to catch the insects in your garden. These traps usually use food, pheromones, or visual lures to attract the insects and catch them. The advantage of using traps is that these tools are not able to hurt other animals, insects and even the environment.

You can also use traps to manage or monitor the population. These tools are very effective to identify the emerging of insects, how many they are along with other information on how to deal with them.

Advantageous Insects

You can also attract many advantageous insects visiting your garden, such as praying mantis, green lacewings, lady beetles, and many more. You can lure them into your garden by providing such interesting habitat for them like water, shelter and food.

You can also buy and release them in your garden. However, if you want to attract these beneficial insects, you need to provide a healthy environment for them to stay alive.

If you are interested in using these beneficial insects to take care of your pests’ problem, you can find more information on how to get them. These advantageous insects can be your best choice to provide long term pest control compared to any chemical products. They are safer and more environmentally friendly.