Need Privacy? DIY Garden Privacy Ideas


If you need to have some privacy in your own garden, there are several ideas that you can implement. These ideas are all incredible and worth to try. They are also affordable and you don’t have to spend lots of money to make.

Potted Plants

One idea that you can implement to get privacy in your garden is by growing shaggy potted plants. It is easy and also economical to do. Besides being able to add more privacy, these shaggy potted plants are also able to give some flora to your garden. Choose plants which spread out wide when they grow.

Growing Bamboos

You can grow bamboos in pots if you want to add some privacy in your garden. These plants are very good to give a concealed look for you. They also provide the abundant greenery look for your garden.

Living Walls

To grow the living walls in your garden is also an amazing idea to get the privacy. You can cover the exposed area in your garden by doing so, but you will need to have high maintenance for it.


You can use vines for covering your garden railings or fences in the rooftop or in the balcony. Vines are considered to be completely suitable for it.

Slat Wall

You can also make your own slat wall to cover the area in your garden. it is easy to make as well as cheap. You can find some old slat and paint them with some coating for the damage protection. If your slat wall has been ready, you can decorate it with some hanging pots to grow plants in vertical position.

Wood Lattice

You can also build the privacy in your garden by using wood lattice. This wall is also considered very easy to make. If you choose wood lattice as you privacy wall, you will also get extra benefit from it. You can make your patio private and prettier. Hang some potted flowers or some small potted herbs to make your lattice much more attractive.

Bamboo Screen

You can also use the bamboo screen to create some privacy in your garden. This screen will be a great choice to prevent any curious eyes looking into your private area. if you have lots of time on the weekends, you can try making the bamboo screen by yourself as it is very simple and easy to do. However, you can also buy this one from the store.

Tall Decoration Grasses

If you are living in the city, you can add privacy in your garden by growing some tall decorated grasses. Choose one or two large pots to grow the tall grasses. Then, you can place these large pots in the area that you want to cover. it’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Faux Hedges

If you want to grow some plants that don’t require much maintenance but are able to provide some privacy in your garden, you can always refer to the faux hedges. Just buy the faux hedges from the nursery and you are ready to use them.

These are some amazing ideas that you can use to build your own privacy in your garden. Good luck!