Organic Pest Control in Your Garden

Organic pest control is way much more effective for the farmers compared to any traditional pesticides. Due to the worries of the side effect of the traditional pesticides to get rid of the pests, more homeowners and gardeners prefer safer and more ecologically friendly method to control the bugs in their garden. Here are organic methods of pest control that can be implemented.

Floating Row Covers

You can use floating row covers to control the infestations of aphids, squash bugs, potato beetles, cabbage worms, cabbage moths, tomato hornworms, and other moving pests from your garden.

These floating row covers are also able to provide any protection from squirrels, rabbits, birds, and also deer. For young plants, these row covers will protect them from sun and wind.

Floating row covers are considered to be the most effective way to get rid of most pests from your flowers and vegetables. You can use them temporarily to protect your plants when the pests become more active and also more damaging.

If your plants don’t require any pollination, you can use these covers for the whole lifespan of the plants.

You just need to simply drape the covers over your plants. You can also use them with wires or hoops. You can even wrap the covers around your tomato cages if you want to protect them from any danger.

If you use these floating row covers, you need to make sure that the edges are being well secured so that the pests are not able to access your plants. You can use landscaping staples, rocks or boards to secure the edges tightly.

Neem Oil Spray

You can use this neem oil spray to manage the infestations of bean beetles, potato beetles, squash bugs, or any other leaf eaters. Neem oil consists of some organic steroids.

When the oil is being sprayed into the affected area of the plants, the pests will not be able to lay eggs as they lose their interest in doing so. They will also tend to eat less leaves and grow much slower.

You can start applying this neem oil spray when you notice the infestation of adult pests. You can keep on reapplying the oil every 10 days for the whole lifespan of the plants.

Although the egg laying will be reduced, you still need to remove the insects as well as their eggs regularly from the plants by directly handpicking them. This is the most effective way in controlling the pests infestations from your plants.