Terrarium Party! Plus How to Make a Terrarium


If you want to create a green decoration inside your house, you can start this terrarium project. Don’t worry! Even if you have limited space in your indoor space, you can still start this project. Besides being beautiful, this terrarium is also very simple to make.

Supplies for DIY Terrarium

  • Small gardening tools: prepare small tools for this project. Make sure that they are handy to use. These all gardening tools will help you a lot when you situate and create the items for your DIY terrarium.
  • Plants: prepare the perfect plants for your terrarium. Choose small plants for this project. You can use the mini cacti plants, succulent plants or even air plants.
  • Potting soil: this element is considered to be the main supply for your terrarium. You can choose any kind of soils for it. However, the soil needs to be mixed with other ingredients so that your plants can grow well and healthy. You may want to use special mixed soil if you want to plant succulents or cacti.
  • Activated charcoal: you just need small amount of this activated charcoal. It is only going to be used as a thin layer at the bottom of the terrarium to keep the water fresh. It is also very helpful to prevent any bacterial growth.
  • Small pebbles or stones: this is needed as the base layer of the terrarium. The function of this small pebbles or stones is as the water drainage especially for the plant roots so that they will not rot.
  • Glass vessel: you need this supply for your terrarium. There are unique and beautiful containers to choose. Make sure that the container is transparent so you will be able to have a mini garden inside your house.



Step 1. To start the project, you need to take your terrarium and fill in the bottom part of this container with the small pebbles or stones. Make sure that they will be at least 1 ½ inch depth. As mentioned previously, these small pebbles or stones will act as the water drainage.

Step 2. Then, above the small pebbles, add the activated charcoal. Make sure to only use small amount of it. it will keep your plants fresh and healthy.

Step 3. Next step is to add the mixed soil above the small stones and the activated charcoal. Make sure that the depth of the soil is about 2 ½ inches.

Step 4. When the media for planting is ready, it is now the time to grow your plants. Make sure you transfer the plant by keeping its roots and then cover all roots with the soil.

Step 5. After all plants are being transferred to the glass vessels, you can decorate your glass vessels to make them more beautiful and eye catching. You can add trinkets or gnomes inside your terrarium.