The BEST DIY Vertical Gardens for Small Spaces


One of the problems in gardening is the limited space available to grow plants. This problem can get worse when the homeowners need lots of herb plants to daily cooking. Well, do you experience the same things? Worry not! You can make vertical gardens by yourselves. The small spaces are now no longer problems.

Cool DIY Steel Frame

The first idea for vertical gardening is this cool DIY steel frame. All you need to prepare to make it are only two: nylon netting and also a steel frame. As how it is with square garden boxes in common garden, you can create this vertical gardening and place it anywhere you like in your yard.

However, you still need to find the best spot to place this vertical gardening that is effective for the plants’ growth. The best spot for this vertical gardening is usually the northern edge. Simply make sure that that place can get eight hours of sunlight.

Modern and Space-Saving Vertical Garden

Coming up next is this modern and space-saving vertical garden. Such vertical garden is great to grow vegetables that you often consume and need for your cooking. What is so great with this vertical garden is that this project can work well in any space around your house. Why so?

It is because the vertical garden occupies wood containers so that you do not need to worry about the soil’s quality. Those wooden containers can even sit on any kind of surfaces like gravel, concrete, grass, or a wooden deck.

This vertical garden will let you grow bunch of herbs, veggies, and your favorite flowers in a small footprint.

Beautiful Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter

Last but not least, here is beautiful cedar vertical tiered ladder garden planter. This vertical garden idea can work best for your small backyards or your tiny balcony or patio.

So, if you currently live in a small apartment with limited space for gardening, you can still create this vertical garden.

As the name suggests, the main material of this DIY vertical garden project is cedar. While you need to build the ladder, you also need to make some wooden containers to grow your plants.

Building vertical garden is super possible even if there is only limited space in your house. So, choose the idea above you like the most, purchase the materials, and build your garden and create the green space.