The Best Organic Garden Mulch


You may notice that there are many mulch types that are available for the organic garden and it makes you wonder which type of mulch is the right choice for your garden. Mulch in general means anything that you put on the surface of the soil to cover it. Before choosing the right mulch types for your garden, you need to consider several things.

Weed Control

Before choosing the right mulch, you need to ask yourself what the mulch is for. The important role of mulch is to control the growth of weeds in your garden. You can spread thin layer of mulch for about 2 or 4 inches onto your garden.

By applying the thin layer of mulch on your garden, you will be able to smother most weeds out. It is also to make the weeds which are escaping from the mulch to be much easier to pull off. It will be easier for you to do if you regularly water the garden and your mulch.

If you want to apply some mulch in your garden, it is better to get rid of all perennial weeds or tap-rooted weeds beforehand. You may also need to apply some multi-layer yet dense plant cover onto the coil. This layer may consist of groundcover, flowers, shrubs, and trees on the top layer will surely stop weeds from growing.

Organic mulch is the best choice of mulch for your garden as it provides several benefits. There are the benefits that you can get if you use the organic mulch.

Soil Health

One reason to choose the organic mulch is because this material keeps on improving the soil health. They are able to be broken down by any microbes so that they can add more organic content within the soil. Organic mulch is also able to increase the soil structure. Once it is being broken down, it will be adding more nutrients for the soil so that it can be a natural fertilizer for the plants.


Since the organic mulch will be easily broken down and changed into humus, it will be able to retain as much water as possible to keep the soil moist. Although before the process of the broken down, mulch has been able to preserve water which is very important to keep the plants ad soil in good condition. It may help the slow infiltration of water into the soil.