The Essential Hydroponics for Beginners Guide


So, you have heard this idea of hydroponics gardening but you don’t have any clue about it. You then try to find out what it is but then get overwhelmed by the information and you don’t know where and how to start. Well, we’ve got your back here! We’ve summarized the essential hydroponics guides for beginners like you!

Understand How Hydroponics Work

To begin with, let’s find out how hydroponics works. As the name suggests, the word ‘hydroponics’ means ‘hydro’ that means ‘water’ and ‘ponos’ that means ‘work’. In short, hydroponics is all about providing the plants with enough water as well as sufficient nutrients because they are all what plants need to grow.

In hydroponics, no soil is needed. Look at the picture below! This picture shows one of the most fundamental kinds of hydroponics systems which is an irrigation setup that is made passive. In such setup, those plants are held in a certain place using a growing medium (in this example is perlite). This is a very simple setup but the plants will not thrive in such system.

Learn What the Plants Are Made Of

Second of all, you also need to learn what hydroponics plants are made of. Such information is needed as you need to understand what and how to feed and also to care for your plants. One thing for sure, all kinds of living things are surely made up of some organic matters.

The organic matters themselves are usually made up of some elements such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen. Those four elements account for more than 90% of the weight of a plant and it serves various roles in how the plant functions in different systems.

Learn What the Plants Need to Properly Grow

Last but not least, you also need to understand and learn what the plants need so that they can grow as you expect. There are at least five key elements needed by hydroponics plants to grow. They are carbon dioxide, light, water, oxygen, and also nutrients.

Light is needed to carry out the photosynthesis process as the plants need to create glucose. Carbon dioxide is essential to let the plants breathe in and thus turn it into oxygen. Oxygen is necessary because it is one of the parts in the plant’s breathing process.

Water is required by the plant as it provides various biochemical reactions to be a solvent for various reactions. Finally, nutrients are necessary as they are the key elements making up the plant. Nutrients are essential in the plant’s biochemical reactions.

Note down all the necessary information above and get yourself ready to start your very first hydroponics gardening!