The Only Hydroponic Growing Media Guide You Need


The growing media is the material that you need to grow your plants. Basically, the growing media that is used frequently is soil in the traditional gardening. If you choose the hydroponic gardening, then you will not be required to use the soil as its growing media.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Growing Media

Despite of the proper hydroponic system that you need to choose, you also need to determine the best growing media for your plants. Why? It is because the growing media will help you a lot to provide the roots of the plants with oxygen and moister that they need.

This growing media is also functioned as the plants’ supports especially to keep them upright. It is also important to keep the plants’ roots from their maximum exposure to the nutrient solution. The wet media will definitely transport the nutrient well to their root system.

For the gardeners, this soil free media can make them less worried about the plants’ pests and diseases. The hydroponic gardening allows them to grow their plants healthier.


This media is commonly used by the gardeners who have their hydroponic gardens. This is a traditional growing media that is used to add some aeration to the mixed soil.

This media is from the mined material, particularly from the volcanic glass. Perlite has undegone intense yet rapid heat. Therefore, it is very porous and lightweight.

If you use the wick system, then perlite is the perfect choice for your growing media. However, since it is very porous and lightweight, you may not use this growing media if you have strong and quick watering system such as ebb and flow.

This media will be easily washed away. Perlite is very good in holding the air. It is also pH neutral. It is usually being mixed with other media like soil, coco coir, or vermicule. The most common combination is with the vermicule with the equal quantity, that is, 50 : 50.


This growing media is a kind of hydrated laminar mineral which looks like mica. Similar to perlite, this growing media is also being exposed to the extreme heat. Therefore, it can transform into small odorless yet clean pellets.

It is the best growing media for hydroponic system. It is pH neutral, moist-resistant, sterile, and also non-toxic. This media is also able to hold water very well and extremely lightweight. However, it doesn’t provide any aeration well compared to perlite.

These are two growing media that are commonly used in the hydroponic gardening. However, you can also use other media that is more appropriate for you.