Tips for Dahlia Flowers Better Growing


Growing dahlias actually needs little to no attention. Once we plant the tubers in spring, we can actually enjoy the blossoms through the year. However, you may want to achieve more by then. He following tips will lead you to best result of the most enchanting dahlias. Check this out.

  • Understand Your Tuber

The tubers are actually the food storage vessels. It helps in fueling the plant early growth instead of producing sprouts as many people think. The dahlias actually sprout from the buds that are located above the tuber just at the stem base. These buds are formed in fall. You can buy the tubers in two ways including tubers clam around the stem, or single tuber with attached bud.

  • Watch Your Timing

Dahlias actually need to be planted on 60°F soil. If you plan to plant during cool climates, you should start four to six weeks before the first frost comes. Add moist growing mix on one or two gallons pots, and plant your tubers with sprouts or buds facing up. Make sure it is located in warm place with enough sun light and get enough water. You can plant it outdoors as the frost pass and it is several inches tall.

  • How and Where to Plan

Dahlias need well drained and fertile soil and full sun light. It is standard to plant the dahlias with 18 inches space between the centers. However, 15 inches space is fine too.

To plant it, makes sure to loosen about 12 inches depth soil and enrich it with granular fertilizer and compost. Plant the tubers in the hole with sprouts facing up. Make sure that the tubers top are not any deeper than one or two inches from the surface. Cover back the hole with soil.

  • Staking and Pinching

Several dahlias are borders and they are self supporting. However, full size dahlia can grow up to three to four feet tall and it’s going to need support. For steady growth, it is recommended to stake or cage the dahlia in this point of height.

In addition to it, make sure to pinch off the main stem top once it reaches 12 inches height. This stimulates the dahlia to produce lateral branches, and you will get more stems with more flowers.

As you can see, several simple tricks will give you amazing results. They are pretty basics and easy to do so you don’t necessarily need further guide. Give it a try and see how it becomes.