Tips on Starting Vegetable Garden


We all know that the price of food will be increasing in the near future, as what has happened to the price of the cauliflowers which has reached $8.99 in the local grocery store.

This increasing cost in vegetables has made us realize that it will be more efficient to reduce the cost of the daily consumption by growing our own vegetables. If you want to start gardening, you can use these simple tips to start your own vegetable garden.

Use the Raised Beds with Rich Soils to Grow your Plants

This is the main part of starting your own vegetable garden. You need to prepare the rich soils to make your vegetables grow well. Choose an organically deep rich soil to make your vegetables grow healthy and with widespread roots to get more water and nutrients.

One way that you can do to prepare this rich soil for your vegetable is by preparing the raised beds.

These beds are able to produce more vegetables compared to the same space planting rows. This is because the rich soils on the raised beds being the main key and also the effective spacing for the plants.

Since you need to use less spacing, you will have more space to plant. These raised beds are also able to save much time. It is because the plants can grow closer to each other so that you will need less time to do the weeding. The close spacing between the plants also provides effective watering and also harvesting.

Provide Lots of Lights

Most vegetables, particularly the vegetables which bear fruits like peppers, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc, need lots of sunlight. The ideal sunlight for these vegetables is at least 8 hours every day. However, you can also plant the vegetables which don’t require lots of sunlight like herbs and leafy crops.

Choose the Plants

If you just started the vegetable gardening, it is better if you choose only four or five vegetables to grow. Make sure to use only small plot for your vegetable planting. You can prepare the raised beds with 4 x 8 foot size.

These beds are the ideal size for starting the vegetable garden. To optimize the planting, you can grow your vegetables in succession. It means that when your first crops have been planted, you can start with your second vegetable sowing.

For instance, you can plant the spring lettuce and then the summer beans. The main key of the succession plant grow is that you will be able to lengthen your harvest period for as long as possible.