Top 10 Mosquito Repelling Plants


When winter is coming, it is our chance to enjoy it by sitting outside our house, laughing with some friends or family members, as well as enjoying the refreshing food and beverages. However, this great expectation may come into disaster when you have to deal with the mosquito. It is possible to use the bug spray but I don’t know how long it will last. You can get rid of this mosquito by using some repellant plants.


Citronella is well known to be used as one of the basic ingredients in making the insect repellants. You can just plant some citronella in the pots or in the ground. These plants are very effective to get rid of the mosquito.


Marigolds are also famous for their distinct smell that is not favored by mosquito. You can plant the marigolds by yourself in your garden or you can just buy several marigolds in the pots from the nursery.


You can choose petunias for your garden decoration as well as to get rid of the mosquito. Their licorice like smell can be the perfect choice to get the pests away. Their beautiful flowers will surely add more colors in your garden.


This plant is also the best choice if you want to get rid of pests or mosquito or rabbits from your front yard. The smell of this plant is also pleasing to your nose. You can grow lavender by yourself for its best results.

Lemon Balms

This plant can be very useful to keep the mosquito away. You can plant lemon balms as they are very easy to plant and they also require some shady location.


This plant can be the weed as well as the commercial plant. If you know how to manage this plant, you will be able to prevent it from being invasive. It is a perfect plant if you want to keep the mosquito away.


The smell of peppermint can be very contagious for pests and mosquito. If you are accidently being bitten by pests or mosquito, you can take the peppermint leaf to heal it. You just need to rub the leaf on the beating area and the itching will soon disappear.


This plant is also the perfect plant to get rid of mosquito. However, it is also able to attract other insects like butterflies. It is suitable to plant in dry and hot climates. Rosemary will work best if it is planted in the pots or containers.


If you grow basil, you can get rid of mosquito as well as have perfect ingredients for your kitchen. You can grow the cinnamon or lemon basil, but it is free up to you to choose other varieties. They are all basically safe for you.


The last plant that is perfect to get rid of mosquito is geraniums. They are very good to plant in dry and sunny climates. They tend to grow fast and you can make use of their scents during the summer.