Top 5 Great Ways to Grow Strawberries in Style


Who doesn’t love strawberries? Strawberries aren’t only healthy. They taste great and they make pleasing addition to almost any menu. When it comes to sell them, its price is satisfying. Among many other berries, this one is a must in your garden. While growing them on the soil is standard, it tends to expose the strawberries to slug damage and rotting problems. Check out the following ideas in growing strawberries with less risk and more style.

  • Strawberries Rain Gutters

The fact that strawberries can grow almost everywhere is a pleasant thing to explore. Use rain gutters to grow your strawberries. It keeps away fruit and crown rot. In addition to it, you will get the most dramatic and pleasant décor in your garden if you put a perfect layout for the gutters. It is cheap while it looks like a castle garden space.

  • Strawberries Vertical Pyramid

This is a popular idea and you need to adopt it. It is great to go vertical especially when you have only small space to grow the strawberries. For more attractive look, build your planter like a pyramid with levels. This planter is easy to make by yourself while it actually provides enough room for your strawberries to grow.

  • The Hanging Baskets

This is a possible and attractive idea at the same time. A medium basket is enough for several strawberries plants at once. All you have to do is adding the right quality soil and water them regularly. Once the fruits are blooming, you will love how it looks as well. Be creative on the basket for even more attractive look.

  • Strawberries Pallet Planters

Pallet planters are known to boost the plants productivity. Meanwhile, it is actually a smart idea to plant strawberries in planters. It makes the plants contented instead of growing over the runners. Several plants in a planter is actually an amusing thing to watch not to mention the best fruits you will get.

  • Strawberries Towers

This is also a great alternative for small space garden. It is made of an array of several plastic pots which are equipped with built-in reservoir and set on top of each other. Watering is easier this way and maintenance is a piece of cake. If you select your pots carefully, it will make a pretty garden scene as well.

There are ways you should try to avoid classic problems in growing strawberries like slug and rotting. Plus, there is always some more room to improve your garden look. Try those ideas and see how it makes a difference.