Top Secrets for a Continuously Productive Vegetable Garden


It is a dream for almost every gardener to have a vegetable garden that actually grows something all the time. It offers non-stop supplies while it is a productive garden you can be proud of. This can be a little tricky to achieve, but the following secrets will make you achieve it like a pro.

  • Make Successful Planting

Don’t plant a lot at once. It will be stressful to maintain and to harvest. Instead, give it like two weeks of intervals between new starts. It allows you to have something mature and to harvest every time. Keep a record in a small notebook for scheduling.

  • Be on Time to Seedlings Plant

Know you seedlings. Several need to be planted right away. Some need to wait for a few weeks. Meanwhile, several others should be planted a season earlier. Be on time when it comes to when to plant the seedlings.

  • Consider Continual Veggies

You can plant one-time producer veggies on several different intervals for continual products. However, several plants are actually continual, and they will be great to grow. Group your veggies based on this and keep track on your awaited supply.

  • Do Companion Planting

It makes sure each space is used effectively. In addition to the fact, it also allows several plants to be more than usual if you pair them nicely. They complete each other weaknesses and support each other for better growth.

  • Grow the Perennials

Perennials will grow again year after year while it doesn’t take too much effort to maintain their health. You can actually plant and forget them. You should several varieties to fill the gaps when you don’t have much to harvest.

  • Build Green House or Cold Frame

They allow you to grow earlier in spring and later in fall. It expands the growing season as it protects your plants. We can also sum up that they make it possible for you to have harvesting all time of the year.

  • Try Something New

Experimenting in gardening is fun. It will take several times of trial and error but it allows you to have new things to add in your plant list. It means you have more varieties and supplies in the end.

It’s not pretty hard isn’t it? You only need to make sure you have effective planting program and you manage the timing carefully. By then, you will have non-stop supplies of edibles throughout the year.