Types of Hydroponic Lighting: What You Need to Know


If you want to grow your plants indoor, you may need to consider the lighting for them. It is important to match the natural light from the sunlight to initiate the growing stages of the plants.

As you may know, the exposure to different temperatures as well as the sun intensity may trigger the plants to produce chemicals within themselves to start the next stage of the growing life cycle. The indoor garden size may also influence the type of lighting that you need to use.

Metal Halide Bulbs

These types of bulbs can emit the wavelengths from their white/blue end spectrum that imitates the summer sun. This metal bulb needs to use during the growth stage of the plants.

If your plants have passed their germination, they need quite warm temperature so that they can grow to their fullest. There are several plants that can grow well using this type of lighting such as herbs and leafy vegetables.


This new lighting system will provide a cool blue lighting that is very ideal for the cuttings and seedlings. This lighting system is able to give off a spacious angle of lighting. It emits low heat level that can create perfect situation during the first stage of the lifecycle of the plants.

One type of fluorescent that you can use is the compact fluorescent. It consists of several tubes or small tube where its ballast is being incorporated into the lighting. You can use this compact fluorescent to grow plants within a small area.

Since it produces low output, the fluorescent lighting is very inexpensive to use. If you use the compact fluorescent, you may also not require to buy any separate ballast and it can decrease your cost spending.

This type of lighting is also appropriate to stimulate the growth or the young plants and seedlings. It is at because the output can be very low and it doesn’t produce any heat so it can be a great choice for effective lighting during this plant’s stage.

LED Lighting

This type of lighting is considered to be a new type of lighting for the indoor gardening. The initial purchase of this lighting is quite expensive compared to other types of lighting. Nonetheless, this LED lighting is able to provide energy efficiency as well as the long lasting of the bulbs.

This type of lighting is also able to provide less heat compared to the traditional lighting. It means that this type of lighting is very good to light the plants in the small space as the plants need to stay close to the lighting.

LED light is able to emit various spectrum that can help producing maximum efficiency for different stages of plants’ lifecycle.