Unique & Creative Fairy Garden


The fairy garden is a garden miniature that becomes a new hobby for every gardener. In this fairy garden, you will be able to build your own miniature world. There is something magical about the fairy garden, even some say that you can attract fairies and get a good fortune.

Creating the fairy garden is relatively easy and it will also be a good idea if you have limited space in your garden. If you like to build your own fairy garden, here are some ideas for you.

Hobbit House Fairy Garden

For the Lord of the Ring fans, you will be familiar with the hobbits, especially Bilbo Baggins. In the story, Bilbo lives in a small house in a hill and the location is very pleasant since it is surrounded by nature. The best thing is that there is something magical about the house itself.

If you want to feel the magic of the Hobbit house, you can build the fairy garden based on it. It is easy to make your own Hobbit house fairy garden and the materials can be found everywhere, such as a container, flower foam, stones, moss, tiny plants, soil, and some decorations you like.

Winter Fairy Garden

Christmas is around the corner and it will be great if you have your own winter fairy garden in your house. The winter fairy garden is very easy to make and it can become the best activity for you and your kids to bond.

To make this winter fairy garden, you can make your own decorations or you can buy them in the craft stores. To add more touch to your winter fairy garden, don’t forget to add fake snow on top of the decoration.

Emerald City Fairy Garden

Emerald City is a capital city in the infamous Wizard of OZ story. This city is built with the green glass and, in the movie with the same title, the city looks amazing with some great palaces around the corner.

You can also have your own Emerald City by placing different sizes and shapes green dishes in your garden and decorate the surrounding with some stones and plants. To add more magical atmosphere, you can also use some fairy decorations and place them in every corner of your Emerald City.

Don’t forget to add the yellow path to guide your guest in finding the treasure of the Emerald City.