Year-Round Salad Gardening: How to Build an Indoor Garden Shelf & Eat Fresh All Year


Some of you may garden all year outdoor. Yet, some others who live in the areas with cold winter may need to find some ideas so that they can bring their garden inside. There are absolutely plenty of great and creative ideas to build an indoor garden and thus to eat fresh all year. Here are some:

Build Your Indoor Garden Shelf

To being with, let’s find out what need to prepare and to do in building your own indoor garden shelf. You can build it by designing a cabinet along with the combination of shelf that can be used as all-in-one unit for your indoor salad garden.

What you need to prepare to build the unit is first, a room for fifty trays with the size of 3”x6” or the size of loaf bread pan in half. Remember that you need to provide a room in the cabinet for 25 trays and another 25 trays on your shelf.

If you like variety in your salads, you can try planting 5 trays of 5 different seeds such as radish, sunflower, broccoli, buckwheat, and peas. This combination surely makes a great and nice tossed salad.

With this cabinet and shelf combination, you will be able to produce sufficient greens for a plate of salad every day for every member of your family throughout winter.

The Construction of the Shelf

Now, let’s take a look at the materials you need to build the shelf. These materials are for a shelf with the size of 6-foot in height and 20-inch in width (or 50.8 x 182.9 cm). The cabinet at the shelf’s bottom is built with 3 shelves with the size of 6 inches apart. This will be the room for the first four days.

Then, there should be 4 shelves for greening. The shelves are made in the size of 6 inch so that they can hold big trays. That piece will be able to hold around 40 small trays at a single time. Then, there should be a space for planting 5 trays a day and another space to leave 5 trays for an additional day if you need more than one day to harvest.

The construction and the list of measurement above are only for your guidance. You can always make some necessary adjustment to meet your gardening need. One thing for sure is that you cut and then assemble the pieces firmly and neatly so that the shelves can look great inside your room.