What Causes Brown Roots In Hydroponics

Many gardeners are still wondering what causes brown roots in hydroponics. Brown roots often attack ornamental plants as well.

The reasons are varied in which they depend on several factors. Hydroponic plants are the best solution for those whose hobbies are growing vegetables and fruits in limited areas.

The problem is that hydroponic plants often fail to harvest. This is because some plants that don’t get enough water suddenly wither and die.

This is very disappointing because maintaining hydroponic plants can be very complicated. Keep on reading to find out what causes brown roots in hydroponics.  

Fungal Infection as The Main Cause 

One of the major causes of brown roots in hydroponics is a fungal or bacterial infection. Fungi can appear and blossom in wet roots. This is particularly when the environment is very damp. 

Bacteria can also grow similarly, attacking the plant roots, so the roots’ color turns brown. For sure, gardeners shouldn’t take this for granted. This is because there is a great risk of spoilage occurrence. 

Too Much Water Can Kill Plants 

Beginners think their hydroponics plants can survive if the watering remains stable. The fact is that too much water can also kill plants.

Certain vegetables or fruits, or other ornamental plants don’t need too much water under certain conditions.

It is important to remember that gardeners should limit the water supply during the rainy season. The same applies when they notice the planting media is still wet.

It relates to the previous point, in which fungi or bacteria will be very easy to grow when they receive too much water. 

So what causes brown roots in hydroponics can be because of the over-watering activities. The key to solving this problem is knowing details about treating different plants.

By learning different treatments for hydroponic plants, then there will be very minimal risk of brown roots. 

Lack of Watering 

All hydroponic plants need water. But, it is recommended to avoid overwatering. Meanwhile, keeping the plants hydrated is important to avoid what causes brown roots in hydroponics.

The watering system needs to be regulated based on the number of plants. 

The lack of watering relates to poor drainage. All hydroponic plants have to obtain enough water through the regulated system. Optimal control should be the main priority.

To prevent brown roots in hydroponics, pay attention to the soil drainage within each pot. The soil in the pot should not hold too much water.

This is because poor drainage makes the water stuck. So, making an additional hole at the bottom of the pot is highly recommended.

The Frequency of Soil Replacement

Newbies don’t replace soil frequently. Frequent soil replacement is important to avoid brown roots. Usually, the roots will be rotten roots which cause a very bad odor. To prevent plant roots from rotting, replace the soil with new ones.

When gardeners find brown roots indicating bacteria and fungal infections have attacked the plant, they must take immediate precautions.

It is important to replace the previous soil with a new one. However, the roots should be cut off when they look brown.

Plant owners should make sure that the soil is not too dense. This is why there has to be good soil aeration. The soil has good aeration that will help even the water distribution.

This is to ensure better oxygen flow. Besides, soil replacement regularly can prevent moisture from building up on the roots.

Too Much Fertilizer 

Excessive fertilizer usage is also what causes brown roots in hydroponics. Chemical-based fertilizer can increase the acidity level of the soil.

When the soil is too acidic, there will be a high risk of plant diseases. The brown root is one of several indications of diseases that attack plants. 

Wrong Planting Media 

No plant doesn’t need good planting media. Hydroponic plants are not an exception. They need a planting medium that contains rich nutrients. Nutrients play a very important role in providing nutrition to plants. 

When the planting media is not suitable for the plants, then they won’t be able to grow, let alone survive.

Besides, the right planting media can prevent brown roots. It is recommended to choose organic growing media to help plants grow better. 

Providing Enough Space for The Roots

Another effective way is to avoid what causes brown roots in hydroponics. Plant owners must provide enough space for the roots to absorb water, nutrients, and oxygen altogether. Do not soak the entire plant roots. 

It is also important to make sure the nutrient water is under the dose. It will ensure the plants are not dehydrated or wither due to excessive nutrient concentration.

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