Does Marigold Attract Bees?

Marigolds are beautiful flowers. Even though some people don’t like the way it smells, this flower is a great way to make your garden look better.

Maybe you ask, “Does marigold attract bees?”. The answer is “yes.” Even though marigold has a strong scent, and bees are still attracted to this flower.

Based on the information we get from various sources, we conclude that marigolds can attract bees. Some bees like certain types of marigolds.

Not all marigolds attract bees, but you can grow pot marigolds and corn marigolds to attract bees. Somehow, bees are also useful for growing many kinds of flowers.

Why are bees useful for flowers?

The most important benefit and the only thing that helps flowers the most is that bees can help in the pollination process of flowers. As we know, flowers need a pollination process to develop into a fruit.

Pollination is the process by which the stamens meet the pistil. Bees play an important role and are also very useful for flowers. The bee is one of the insects that helps a flower reproduce on its own.

A bee that lands in flowers will automatically carry pollen, which will then stick to other flowers so that the pollination process occurs.

With bees, a plant can pollinate without the need for air. Usually, this pollination process occurs in flowers that are most often visited by bees.

With a flower with an attractive petal shape, color, and scent, the bee will automatically land on the flower and take nectar from the flower. In contrast, unconsciously, the bee will help the flower in the pollination process because when it flies, the bee carries pollen from flowers.

Even though the supply of nectar is taken, the pollination process can run smoothly.

Some flowers are a tool for bees to land on, and bees help the pollination process. The following are some of these types of flowers:

  • Sunflower
  • dandelion
  • Lavender
  • Calliandra
  • Zinnias
  • Yarrow
  • Snapdragon flower
  • Lemon Balm
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Aster Flower

What are the benefits of marigolds for health?

In India, the marigold flower is considered to be the most sacred flower, so it is used to decorate statues of gods. They are sacred and have beauty, but marigolds also have extraordinary benefits derived from the content of substances in them.

1. Remove Toxins from the body

If you experience poisoning, treat immediately by consuming marigold petals. To make the concoction, brew the flower petals like making tea. Marigold flower petals are believed to be able to clean toxins that enter the body, especially those in the liver and gall bladder.

2. Treats Digestive Problems

Marigold flower tea is also useful for dealing with digestive problems. For people with gastric ulcers, gastritis, and even stomach cancer, consuming marigold flower tea regularly is also believed to be an alternative treatment.

3. Fighting Free Radicals

The antioxidant content in marigold flowers is believed to effectively prevent the entry of free radicals. Moreover, this flower also has anti-carcinogenic or anti-cancer properties.

4. Treating Fever and Sore Throat

To overcome digestive problems, marigold flower tea can also be used as a natural remedy when you have a fever and sore throat. To treat Inflammation or sore throat, do gargle with marigold flower water 3 times a day.

5. Treat Menstrual and Menopause Problems

For those who often have problems with menstruation, consuming marigold flower tea can be the solution. Because this flower contains immunologic properties, which can effectively calm the uterus so that it makes the pain disappear. The content in marigold flowers can also relieve pain due to menopause.

6. Moisturizing Skin

If to treat marigolds, it is used as a nutritious drink, and it’s a different way when you use this flower to treat skin problems. The trick, make the marigold flower until it has a texture like oil. Regularly applying marigold flower oil on the face is believed to make the skin moist and supple.

7. Reduces Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory content in marigold flowers is very good at dealing with Inflammation and swelling due to injury.

How to grow Marigolds for Bees?

As was said above, there are two kinds of marigolds that will bring bees to your garden. If you want to grow calendula Officinalis or pot marigold, you can choose several varieties such as Daisy May, Indian Prince, Snow Princess, and Apricot Pygmy.

Pot Marigold is the best choice because it is to grow this marigold, and it can also grow in a range of soils.

Meanwhile, you cannot attract bees with France Marigold or Tageted Patula. So, you should consider what kind of marigolds you should plant to attract bees.

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