Growing Spaghetti Squash Vertically

1. Seek Knowledge of Spaghetti Squash

This one plant can thrive in the warm season. Some plants can still grow well in early fall. This one is suitable to be planted vertically, so it does not require a large area.

Those who want to plant through a trellis must understand how to do it because it is slightly different from being planted horizontally. This plant is a monoecious type where there are male and female flowers in one plant.

Growing fruits from spaghetti squash are quite interesting. What’s more, this plant contains many good nutrients for health. Folic acid, beta carotene, potassium, and vitamin A are some nutritional content.

This plant takes 100 days to ripen. This plant is suitable for growing in a country with four seasons. You also need to understand that this plant can grow to over 20 feet tall when grown vertically.

It’s not impossible that you also grow spaghetti squash on the top of the tree. How tall the plant is likely to grow will allow you to prepare a trellis of the right size.

So in the future, you won’t have to replace the trellis with a longer size. The optimal growth of spaghetti squash allows it to produce quite a lot of fruit yield.

2. Several types of equipment that must be prepared

Before deciding to plant spaghetti squash vertically, some tools need to be prepared. Some of the equipment that needs to be prepared are pots, soil, organic compost, a sturdy trellis, and a sharp knife.

Found all the tools at the gardening store. Even now, you can also buy all the equipment through online stores. Buying equipment through an online store is more practical.

3. Preparing the Soil and Compost Mix

The next preparation you must make is a mixture of soil and compost. The compost portion should not be too much because it will make the plant roots less strong to support growth.

The right mix uses an organic fertilizer 4 inches deep in a 3-inch pot. After giving organic compost, you need to add soil until it is full to the top of the pot.

Apart from using organic compost, you can use well-rotted manure. Well-rotted manure can be found easily at farm stores. The price of well-rotted manure is quite affordable.

This fertilizer is suitable for beginner gardeners who want to grow spaghetti squash.

4. Install Trellis

Those who have finished preparing a mixture of soil and organic fertilizer can immediately try installing a trellis. Check again that the trellis is firmly attached to support the growth of this plant to a height of more than 20 feet.

The trellis will later support not only the plant but also the emergence of its fruits. Place the trellis along the rows prepared for planting.

There is nothing wrong with installing the trellis with the help of a hammer. You can also apply additional reinforcement around the trellis to ensure it is stuck firmly on the ground.

If the trellis installed is not strong enough, the gardener who planted it could fail to grow the plant vertically.

5. Seedling

We come to the step of planting seeds. You can dredge in the center of the pot to a depth of 1 inch. Next, put the seeds of spaghetti squash into the soil.

Cover the seeds slowly. You don’t need to pat the ground too tightly to make it easier for the seeds to sprout.

6. Water the Plants Regularly

An important step after planting and burying the seeds with soil is regularly watering them. Try not to water using a hose because the water pressure can be too tight and damage the soil structure.

You can use a spray bottle so that the splash of water on the ground is softer. Using a spray bottle can keep the seeds staying on the ground.

7. Point the Vines to Trellis

Over time the vines of spaghetti squash began to grow. You can aim the vines on the trellis because they are not good climbers.

Roll the tendrils around the trellis and ensure the loops are strong enough. However, you should also ensure that no tenders are damaged during rolling to avoid stressing the plant.

8. Eradicate Pests and Weeds

Another step you need to take to grow spaghetti squash vertically is to eradicate pests and weeds. Pests have to be eradicated so it does not damage the plants.

Some things that often attack are insects and snails. Meanwhile, eradicating weeds is important, so there is no competition for nutrients.

You can reach gently using a hoe. Repeat this step once a week so the weed has no time to seize the nutrition of growing spaghetti squash vertically.

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