Homemade Fertilizer for Onions

1. Grass Clippings

Onion is a plant that still needs fertilizer to thrive. However, the best fertilizer is made by using friendly to the environment component.

One of the environmentally friendly organic fertilizers is grass clippings. You can get fertilizer by collecting grass clippings from the garden. You conclude that grass clippings once a month turn into organic fertilizer.

Grass clippings contain many nutrients that are useful for onions. This homemade fertilizer for onions also contains high amounts of nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient that plants need to thrive. This fertilizer does not contain harmful substances such as chemical compounds, so later, you can harvest onions and eat them safely.

No longer need to be afraid of consuming chemical compounds due to the provision of chemical fertilizers.

2. Weeds

We will also talk about other types of natural fertilizers derived from weeds. This fertilizer can also be produced from your garden, saving money.

Eradication of weeds can also help your plants not compete for nutrients from the soil. However, using weeds cannot be done directly, like grass clippings. You must take other steps to make weeds a safe fertilizer for your onions.

Weeds pulled from the ground must be turned into weed tea. Making weed tea will kill the seeds of weeds. As a result, weed seeds can no longer grow because the production process involves heating.

Then how to make it? Put the weeds in the pot as much as a quarter of the pot. Add water and heat it. Do not wait until it boils; let it stand for one week.

The color of the water will change to a tea-like color, indicating that the weed tea is ready to use. You can start pouring weed tea into the onion plants.

3. Kitchen Waste

Everyone who diligently cooks must have a lot of kitchen waste. Cutting vegetables that are rotten or near the roots is often a real problem.

Throwing it in the trash took several days to be picked up by the garbage management truck finally. However, during the waiting process, unpleasant odor perches around the house will be.

Why don’t you try turning kitchen waste into useful products at home? You make it into organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer from kitchen waste can store nutrients longer. Plants can get their nutrients slowly and can not last for more than a month.

Organic fertilizer derived from kitchen waste can also maintain moisture in the soil, so it is important for the growth of onions.

You can use it to keep the soil moist when summer arrives. In summer, the soil tends to release water into the air easily. The soil will turn dry if nothing can keep the groundwater moist.

4. Coffee Grounds

Homemade fertilizers for onions are usually made from the coffee ground. The coffee ground can be used as organic fertilizer for onions.

This step is better than just throwing the coffee ground into the trash. You can make the environment cleaner when you use organic fertilizer.

This fertilizer is suitable for slightly wet soil and can turn slightly acidic.

But those interested in this method must soak the coffee ground for a week. So you can’t do it directly on the same day you get coffee ground after brewing coffee.

5. Manure

We will also discuss manure that can be used as organic fertilizer. If you have pets such as chickens or cows, then you must have understood that the manure can be used as organic fertilizer.

But you can also use cat litter as fertilizer for onions. Of course, you must let the dirt sit for a few weeks before it is finally given to the onion plant.

Cat litter also has a fairly high level of nitrogen. In addition, cat litter also has other nutrients that onion plants need.

Why shouldn’t I give cat litter directly to onion plants? Cat litter has acidic properties that are too high if used directly. Those who want to use it need to mix it with sand first.

Acid content that is too high can burn plants. Mixing cat litter with sand can reduce the acid levels, making plants safe.

6. Tree Leaves

The yard in your house has lots of trees. Every day you will find that the leaves often fall. There is nothing wrong with you while sweeping the yard, saving the leaves from being used as organic fertilizer.

Leaf fall still has several minerals that are good for plants.

Especially after many worms ate the leaves, mix the tree leaves with the soil and let it sit for one week. After that, you can use it as organic fertilizer.

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