Is Spectracide Weed Killer Safe For Vegetable Gardens? Here Is The Answer

Weed control and its problems: Naturally, grass and weed grow on any land they can, including the garden or area people use. The simplest way to control them is by pulling them with your hands or trimming them.

However, they are time-consuming, requiring a lot of effort, and the weed could regrow sooner. Hence, the most effective weed control nowadays is using solutions to kill the weed.

The solutions can be homemade or bought from stores. Many brands are selling the weed killer solutions like the famous one Spectracide.

Yet frequent uses cause several problems, such as damaged soil and plants. Farmers even question, ‘is Spectracide weed killer safe for vegetable gardens?’.

The vegetable plants get damaged, and the solutions might also affect the produces. They are explained below to check the truth about Spectracide and its effect.

Is Spectracide weed killer safe for vegetable gardens and other gardens? 

There are two types of Spectracide for weed control: lawn weed killers and weed grass killers. The Spectracide weed grass killers are a non-selective herbicide.

This means any vegetation that gets in contact with the solution will die. This includes vegetables, fruits, or other plants. Meanwhile, the Spectracide lawn weed killers only remove 470 weeds.

Yet any fruits or vegetables that get contaminated by them are still harmful to humans. It is highly suggested to wash the fruits, roots, leaves, stems, or other parts that humans consume if those parts get sprayed with herbicide.

Instead, if the herbicide is applied properly, even to the lawn, garden, and farm, produce growing near the weed will be safe.

There are several steps and tips so that the herbicide only kills the intended weed, and the protected plants are still growing. The steps are below.

How to use Spectracide weed killer

As mentioned before, there are two types of Spectracide weed killers. Each has its ratio to be applied. The lawn weed killer should mix 10 tbsp of the herbicide with a gallon of water for a 500 square feet area.

Then the weed grass killer one requires 14 tbsp of its liquid to be mixed with a gallon of water for a 300 square feet area. The mixture of herbicide and water can be sprayed using a pressure sprayer.

Those mixtures effectively kill a weed, but is Spectracide weed killer safe for vegetable gardens? Surely no. Before spraying the herbicide, cover vegetables or other plants with a piece of cardboard or plastic.

Besides, both products are also available in a quick flip sprayer. Hence people only need to connect the sprayer to a hose, turn on the water, remove the safety tab, and spray by pulling the switch back.

Tips on using Spectracide weed killer

Always read the directions, precautions, and notices on the label first.

Wear personal protection equipment (PPE)

Apply as the suggested usage and instructions only

Determine the size of the area and cover any desirable plants. If the vegetables or other desirable plants get sprayed, wash them immediately using water.

Spray them in the early morning or late afternoon. This will prevent the liquid from evaporating quickly, making it ineffective in killing the weed.

No mowing seven days before and after spraying

The best temperature to spray is between 15-33 degrees Celcius

The liquid causes irritation; hence do not let humans or animals step on the sprayed area before the area is dried

Within 30 days, if the weeds do not seem dead, reapply again. Yet do not exceed two treatments per year.

Cons and pros of Spectracide


Is Spectracide weed killer safe for vegetable gardens and othersNope, it will kill any vegetation it sprayed on.

Not pet-friendly and is dangerous to fish or other aquatic animals.

In certain conditions, reapplying is needed.

Several weeds are immune to these solutions


Waterproof and rainproof after fifteen minutes of spraying

Visible results on the same day

The treated area could be planted after just one day.

Kill the weed to the roots, not only just the leaves

Budget-friendly and it could cover a large area

Although it is harmful, the level of toxicity is less than other herbicides to humans.

Weeds to getting rid of using Spectracide

Spectracide weed grass killer probably will kill any vegetation even though in certain plants, it only brings damage (not wholly kill the plants).

Yet, the lawn weed killer removes the listed weeds. They include broad leaves, dandelions, chickweed, clovers, yellow nutsedge, and foxtails.

There are other 470 weeds listed in the description products. During hot temperatures, do not apply this herbicide to Bermudagrass.

Other than the weeds stated above, the solutions could bring certain damages.

Hence the bottom line to the question: is Spectracide weed killer safe for vegetable gardens? Although the vegetables could survive some damage, chemicals might influence the harvest later.

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